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Our Story

For us living a natural lifestyle began when we became pregnant with our first child. Finleigh and KoenWhen carrying a child it makes you more aware of what you put in your body as well as your surroundings. From the preservatives in processed foods to the pesticides used to raise cotton to the chemicals in everyday products, we felt the natural products help to promote a healthier beginning for our children.

We quickly discovered organic products were not readily available in our community, which began our quest to find the best natural products for our family. Realizing the natural way has become the more prominent lifestyle choice for young families, the idea for Green Dazzle Baby was born.

We are excited to offer award winning eco-friendly product lines from cloth diapers to glass/ stainless steel bottles to organic clothing, green toys, and skincare lines for mom, baby, and toddler. We look forward to providing all natural necessities for healthy beginnings in our local environment.


Greg and Tori Shaw

Finleigh and Koen